Oh, Back fach. Furiously, in the Dark


You’re so pretty when you’re unthankful to me!
-The Pixies.


Nature is a temple where living pillars
At times allow confused words to come forth;
There man passes through forests of symbols
Which observe him with familiar eyes.

Like long echoes which in a distance are mingled
In a dark and profound unison
Vast as night is and light,
Perfumes, colors and sounds answer one another.

There are perfumes as cool as the flesh of children,
Sweet as oboes, green as prairies
— And others, corrupt, rich and triumphant,

Having the expansion of infinite things,
Like amber, musk, myrrh and incense,
Which sing of the transports of the mind and the senses.


akron/family don't be afraid you're already dead
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19 Plays
'What is a hole?' a clown asked his partner in a ring at the Circus Medrano. Having thus quite confused the fellow, he wasted no time in lording it over him: “a hole,” he said, “is an absence surrounded by a presence.” For me, this is an example of a perfect definition, and I will use it to define the object of my interest. A ghost is indeed a hole; but a hole to which are attributed intentions, a sensibility, morals; a hole, that is, an absence–surrounded by presence–by the presence of one or several. A ghost is an absent being amidst present beings. And as it is the pierced substance that determines the shape of the hole and not the absence which that presence surrounds–for it is only in jest that some tell of cannons of bygone days that foundry workers made by taking holes and pouring bronze around them–when we endow ghosts with intentions, a sensibility, and morals, these attributes reside not in the absent beings, but in the present one that surround the ghost.
René Daumal on the pataphysics of ghosts
We must take our pyjamas from the drawer marked pyjamas.